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Dehydrated Vegetable Soup for Short and Long-Term Storage

Dehydrated Vegetable Soup Mix

Vegetable Soup Mix Ingredients

Diced tomatoes              Green beans

Diced potatoes               Baby green limas

Cut okra                          Diced onions

Yellow corn                     Diced celery

Diced carrots


There are no preservatives 

or added ingredients...just the vegetables.

Many years ago your mother or your grandmother canned produce for the winter and for emergencies. Well, there’s a whole new way of canning that isn’t canning at all…it’s Dehydrating.

Dehydrating is a process that removes most of the water content in vegetables and fruit using a very low temperature. This means the food loses fewer nutrients during processing.

I started dehydrating foods for myself and family members to enjoy summer favorites in the winter. I dehydrated everything that didn’t move!  Due to an interest in my Dehydrated Vegetable Soup, I now offer it to others. 

When Rehydrated, meat and seasonings may be added for a thoroughly delicious soup on a cold day.

There are many benefits to dehydrating vegetables for soup rather than canning or freezing. The big plus is your Soup Mix requires no refrigeration. In the event of a power failure there's no worry about spoiled food! If the vacuum seal isn’t broken, your Vegetable Soup Mix can last up to 30 years.*       

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*Dependant on proper storage